LEVEL 2: eSET Projections examination

eSET Level 2 - Projections

The online exam is a set of 100 questions randomly chosen by the system from a larger pool.  The questions are multiple choice and multiple answer questions covering a wide range of topics.

  • Knowledge of video distribution and communication protocols
  • Identification of video connectors
  • Understanding of display systems and video content
  • Basic math in calculating lens ratios and image size
  • Knowledge of industry terminology


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Go Live Date:
February 25, 2020
Examination Policies

eSET Level Projections

Honesty Policy: By starting any exam, you attest that you are taking the exam for the purpose of confirming your knowledge of the content and will not accept outside input, whether from another person, book, web search, etc, for the purpose of scoring higher on this exam.


Accommodations: If you require assistance to take the exam or require accommodations to allow for an accurate assessment of your knowledge of this content, please contact info@usitt.org to make arrangements before starting the exam.


Attempt Limitations: Please be aware that limits have been imposed on the number of times any one person can take any eSET test. An "attempt" is any time the test is started, whether complete or incomplete, pass or fail. After the first incomplete or unsuccessful attempt, the candidate must wait a minimum of 15 days before a second attempt will be allowed. Only two attempts may be made in any 365 day period.

Candidates must take and pass the Level 1 Basics & Safety Exam before attempting a Level 2 - Projections online exam. Those holding a Level 2 certificate will be eligible to take the Level 3 - Projections practical exam.

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eSET Projections Working Group  [ view bio ]
Curriculum Guide & Resources

Reference Materials

eSET Multimedia/Projection Lexicon. eSET EFX/Effects Lexicon. PDF with terms and definitions available with order. eSET app also available for download from iTunes and Google Play


Media Design and Technology for Live Entertainment Essential Tools for Video Presentation, 1st Edition, By Davin Gaddy Publisher: Routledge


Digital Media, Projection Design, and Technology for Theatre 1st Edition, By Alex Oliszewski, Daniel Fine, Daniel Roth Publisher: Routledge


Media Servers for Lighting Programmers A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Digital Lighting, 1st Edition, By Vickie Claiborne Publisher: Routledge

Online Resources

Control Booth Multimedia, Projection, and Show Control Web Forum

Curriculum Guide

Identification and Knowledge – Distribution


Cable Connections

  • Video – DVI, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, etc.
  • Computer – USB variants, PS2, network, etc.
  • Fiber – SC, LC, ST, FC
  • Theatrical – XLR, MIDI, etc.


Cable specifications

  • Total length
  • Resolution/bandwidth
  • Resistance (especially co-axial and barrels)
  • Fiber type (OM1, OM3, etc.)



  • EDID management – emulators
  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Routers
  • Scalers & Switchers
  • Media converters and extenders


Identification and Knowledge – Display



  • Media Transmission – DLP, LCD, LCOS
  • Light Source – mercury, xenon, laser, led
  • Lensing – lens ratio, throw distance, lens shift, etc.
  • Geometry – keystone, stacking



  • LCD, LED
  • Side lit, back lit



  • Front or rear
  • Properties – gain, contrast (formulas)


Content and Communication



  • IP protocol – addressing
  • Types – WAN, LAN, VLAN, VPN



  • Media server
  • Players – solid state, optical, tape


Show Control

  • MIDI
  • RS-232


Lexicon – Knowledge base and definitions

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